Naked & Famous Denim Kimono Print shirts

"Thing to wear", this is what kimono literally means. Today, the word denotes the famous robes associated with traditional Japanese culture. For S/S 14, Naked & Famous Denim has developed a full series of shirts inspired by traditional kimono patterns and more precisely by the katazome dyeing method, a technique that draws its engineering from a long, long time ago. It is a form of paste resist surface design, a paste made from sticky ingredients that is pushed through a stencil to define a pattern on a length of yardage. Wherever the paste sticks to the cloth, it will resist, or prevent, any color from staining that spot. So the rice paste is resisting the color to create a design on the fabric. In traditional Japan, patterns determine in which season a kimono should be worn, so indeed the Naked & Famous Denim kimono print shirts will be your perfect pick for a warm spring evening! Shop the collection the latest Naked & Famous Denim Collection Now Untitled-1 (2)


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