Focus - Fire King Mugs

" There are so many kinds of “nerds”, fanatics and collectors in this world. There are folks who collect denim jeans, vintage clothing, leather goods, comic books, video games, sneakers, pens, watches and so much more. The Japanese seem to always have a jump on collecting cult objects, and Fire-King products are no exception. Fire-King is an American brand of glassware and ovenware created by Anchor Hocking in the 1940′s. The company made many kinds of dishes, mugs and more and these vintage pieces are highly collectible items today. In 1976, Anchor Hocking ceased produciton of these wonderful Fire King products. In Japan, there are stores, magazines and books dedicated to vintage Fire-King products! Of course, just like “heritage” jeans, a Japanese company got to work and have invested in old manufacturing processes (see below) in order to recreate a line of Heritage Fire King mugs. We have been collecting Fire-King mugs for several years, so for our 5th anniversary we commissioned Fire-King Japan to make some custom mugs for us " Brandon Svarc, founder of Naked & Famous Denim. The mugs are available in limited quantities at Tate + Yoko and will make the perfect gift or plus to your cart. Shop the Selection now blog


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