Restock - Left-Hand Twill Selvedge

Good news denim lovers! The ever popular Naked & Famous Denim "Left Hand Twill" selvedge has been fully stocked in all fits and sizes! The Left Hand Twill is part of the  Naked & Famous Denim Core program and features a 14.5oz Rope-Dyed Selvedge denim. Right hand twill being the weave used in most of the worlds denim, the Left Hand Twill fabric feels rigid and slightly slubby on day one... But even better at 15 months. The dye technique used in this denim allows the yarns to remain in the natural indigo bath for only a short time. Preventing the indigo from fully penetrating the cotton yarn, the core remains white - a process is repeated many times until the desired shade of indigo is achieved.  Over time the layers will begin fade away, resulting in an aged vintage look! Now available in Super Skinny Guy, Skinny Guy, Weird Guy, Slim Guy & even Regular Guy! IMG_8187


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