Focus - Naked & Famous Denim Kakishibu Selvedge

Applying centuries-old Japanese expertise in the art of natural rope dyeing, Naked & Famous Denim introduces the Natural Indigo x Kakishibu Selvedge denim. Influenced by traditional Japanese folk textiles, this denim uses a combination of 2 natural organic dyes in its DNA, a natural indigo-dyed warp (exterior) and a kakishibu-dyed weft (interior). Kakishibu dye is derived from fermenting the extract of unripe persimmons, producing a natural reddish-brown color.  Natural indigo dye is born from the natural fermenting process of the indigo plant (which is seldom used in denim production these days). Now available in Super Skinny Guy, Skinny Guy & Weird Guy. IMG_8160 IMG_8165


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