Top - Our 5 Favorite Selvedge Denim Details Right Now

Here is a look at some of our favorite selvedge piece,  all of which can be found at Tate + Yoko right now. In first place is the Hand-dyed Candy Weft from Naked & Famous Denim. We like this fabric because it is made by weaving a dark indigo rope dyed warp into a multi-colored candy weft. This weft is created by taking a multicoloured hand dyed yarn, twisting it around an all white core. Looking forward to seeing some fades from these... Candy hand dyed twisted weft Next is the Eternal denim 14.oz.  Woven with very low tension fabric rope dyed fabric for crazy texture and deep color. This denim is water soaked by hand only once in post-production then hung to dry in the sun. This allows the fabric to keep most of its rigidity and will ensure amazing fade properties. Eternal Hand washed jeans Tucked away in a small corner of the Ibara Train Station in Okayama, Japan,  D# (pronounced “Dee Eee”) is an incredibly charming hand-made Japanese denim brand. Originally established by the local Ibara Apparel Union to showcase the caliber of its regions denim, D# continues to produce a phenomenally unique and very high quality product. Tate + Yoko is proudly the only D# stockist in the world. D# jeans train station work station D# First pic Beginning his career in Tokyo in 1990, Rockin Jelly Bean has grown to become something of a cult icon in the Japanese denim world. Known for his provocative artwork and graphic design with strong reference to anime culture, Rocking Jelly Bean is an artist, musician and boutique owner now living in LA. Pictured below is the latest Big John x RJB collaboration. Rockin jelly Bean patch and art Last but not least is the Flat Head x RJB limited edition colabo jean. These 14.5oz unsanforized beauties remain untreated from the loom right to your hands. Made in Japan in very limited quantities. Shop here. Flat Head x Real Japan Blue Collabo


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