Tate + Yoko Portrait Series: Pat D.

[gallery ids="1168"] The Tate + Yoko Portrait series is a new photo project we will be rolling out over the next few months on the Tate + Yoko blog. Using this platform we will show photographs and small bios to spotlight some of our friends and clients and the denim they love. For our inaugural edition of Tate + Yoko Portrait we had our friend Pat pass by the shop. A man of French blood, Pat is the type of guy whose into tattoos, boxing and motorcycles. Last summer we Pat got into a pair of Paulrose Heritage 17oz from Tate + Yoko. The perfect biker jean, in 14 months Pats Paulrose's have seen about 2000 miles via Harley Davidson and 1 wash.     IMG_8566   IMG_8591IMG_8586 Untitled-2


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