Fade Gallery - Dirty Fade Super Skinny Guy

[gallery ids="1307"] 6 months / 1 ocean soak Deciding to showcase some of the denim we see around the office, this weeks edition of Fade Gallery belongs to Naked & Famous Denim's very own Bahzad Trinos. Sales director and right hand man to Naked & Famous Denim owner Brandon Svarc, Bahzad came across the Dirty Fade fabric at a buying appointment in Tokyo about 3 years ago. Knowing instantly upon touching the fabric that it was a winner, the Dirty Fade has since grown to be a part of the Naked & Famous Denim Core Collection and boasts phenomenal fading properties. Shop the Dirty Fade. Bahzad fades (1)   Bahzad fades (2) Bahzad fades (3)


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