Fade Gallery - Naked & Famous Denim Left Hand Twill

[gallery ids="1339"] 18 months / 1 wash A few weeks ago our friend Benjamin submitted a pair of Naked & Famous Denim Red Weft Selvedge which was featured on the Tate + Yoko Fade Gallery. This week Ben has graced us with another pair of nicely faded Naked & Famous Denim, this time the Left Hand Twill. We asked Ben if there were any particular incidences or stories about these Left Hand Twills that have contributed to the character of the jean. He explains: "The Left Hand Twill had to be washed because I spilled Romados Portuguese chicken sauce all over them. I wore them almost every day and I even met my wife in them.
I love naked and famous jeans. Besides those two I have two other pairs that I wear every day."
This is precisely what we love about life in raw denim - like being tattooed in the sense that the markings tell a story. You may look at a stain or abrasion on your jeans and pause for a moment to remember how it got there. It's poetry in denim!  Thanks for the submissions Ben! If you've got a pair of Naked & Famous jeans with a story to tell, drop us a line at info@tateandyoko.com Ben S. Fade Gallery LHT Ben S. Fade Gallery LHT Ben S. Fade Gallery LHT


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