Fade Gallery - Taft's Naked & Famous Denim Nep Selvedge

[gallery ids="1473,1472,1474,1475"]   We started Fade Gallery with the idea that we could showcase a little more than just faded jeans but give some insights into the life of the fabric, of its wearer and more. This week is no exception with this exceptional pair of Naked & Famous Denim Skinny Guy -  Nep Selvedge, faded by our friend Taft over at Service Menswear. The jeans have seen a lot through their extensive life and have their personality enhanced by the paint stains all over them, reminding us of our friend Evan's Naked & Famous Denim x Momotaro Collab we'll soon show here in Fade Gallery. On the side, Taft also plays in eponymous psych-pop band " A Band Called Taft " and produces his own records via his own Label Punctum Records in a pure DIY spirit. We dig the paint stains and true 80's British Workwear feel of the fades and outfit. Thanks for the submission Taft! DSC01799 DSC01809 DSC01811 DSC01813


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