Restock - Naked & Famous Denim Elephant 4

[gallery ids="1491,1492"] Restocked! The very anticipated restock of Naked & Famous Denim's popular Elephant 4 has finally landed at Tate + Yoko The Elephant 4 is the fourth edition of Naked & Famous Denim's ever popular Heavyweight Selvedge denim series ( See Elephant 3 ). Made from sanforized 22oz Rope Dyed Deep Indigo Selvedge denim, the fabric is woven with a black Weft giving a very dark tone to the denim. With wear, the intense Deep Indigo color of the Warp yarn will come off and show the yarn's white core ( Attention NSFW ). With the Black Weft, the fabric will offer very contrasted fades and beautiful Roping. Shop the restock now.   Untitled-1 IMG_9221


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