Wear & Care - Indigo Stains and Bleeding

[gallery ids="1453"] When breaking in a new pair of raw denim, one of the side effects you are sure to notice (more so on white or tan surfaces) is indigo bleeding and/or stains. Don't be alarmed, indigo bleeding is a completely natural part of the process and is expected when breaking in your raw denim. Because new raw denim is untreated and unwashed, the cotton fibres of denim are loaded with indigo dye at first. It is the fading and bleeding of this indigo dye which allows for such beautiful "fades" down the road. IMG_9190 Though it is easy enough to wash indigo off of your hands, you may have a tougher time with some of the fabrics that come into contact with your raw denim in the first few months. For clothing, there are very few indigo stains that won't come out by simply running it through the washing machine. Good old soap and water should take care of most of your indigo bleeding problems with regards to clothing. Where we find it gets tricky is with shoes. Sure you can throw your canvas sneakers in the wash or brush and rinse them with a light soap, but what about suede, leather, or other fine materials found on your favorite sneakers? Though sneakerheads may suggest a completely overpriced and unnecessary luxury shoe cleaner, we find the same results or better with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Some say that the chemicals in the magic eraser are bad for the longevity of the glue and stitching of your shoe but the bottom line is that if you want the stains gone, it works.


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