Fade Gallery - Zach's Indigo Selvedge Ducks

[gallery ids="1530,1531,1532"] 5 Months / 4 Washes   For the 15th ( yes, already ) edition of Fade Gallery, we have selected a beautiful pair of Naked & Famous Denim Indigo Selvedge Duck. These were kindly submitted by Zachary through Naked & Famous Denim’s Fade Gallery section. We are proud to showcase and immortalize them out here as well. The Selvedge Duck is a very sturdy canvas reproduction of the first jeans created around the beginning of the 19th Century. The essence of the duck fabric is deeply rooted in manual labour and workwear, proving these Indigo Selvedge Ducks worn by Zach are no exception. Worn every day of work, the pants have dug many holes for irrigation repair, driven machines, watered grass for the whole summer. The jeans have rode on his motorcycle to work and back almost every day. ” Workwear that is art…”, we couldn’t agree more. Thanks for the submission Zach!   DSC_0067 DSC_0064 DSC_0066


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