Preview - Naked & Famous Denim SS15

[gallery ids="1625,1624,1623"] Naked & Famous Denim SS15 Collection is only a month away from its release on Tate + Yoko. As usual, the collection showcase the brand's obsession with rare fabric, patterns and indigo. Here's a sneak peek of the upcoming release: Natural Indigo Loomstate: This 13oz Selvedge denim has been dyed with Natural Indigo and has been preserved in its Loomstate form.  This fabric has not been though any finishing processes like pre shrinking, or anti skewing.  This is denim made the old fashioned way before any of these finishing processes excited. Sumi Print in Navy: This collection's edition of Naked & Famous Denim Japanese pattern shirts. Beautiful 5oz slubby fabric dyed in beautiful and printed with a traditional Japanese samurai pattern   IMG_9707 IMG_9706


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