Exclusive - Naked & Famous Denim Made in Japan

[gallery ids="1740,1742,1741"] Naked & Famous Denim introduces their new 100% Made in Japan jeans. The fabric is a 15.7oz Loomstate Japanese Selvedge Denim, made in a small studio mill which produces small batch artisanal denim.  To preserve the natural beauty of the fabric, mechanical finishing process such as sanforizing, singing, and anti-skewing have been avoided.  Instead a special Tempi wash treatment was applied to preshrink the fabric, and still preserve the natural ridgedness and beauty of the fabric. Artwork and logos have been refreshed by famed comic book artist Alvin Lee.  Known for his work with various comic book and video game studios. The jeans are now available in limited quantities.  IMG_9917 IMG_7370 IMG_7362


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