Focus - Sumi Ink Selvedge

[gallery ids="1764"] We focus this week on one of the most beautiful fabric from Naked & Famous Denim SS15 Collection: the Sumi Ink Coated Selvedge This 12oz Selvedge denim started off as indigo denim, and were then coated in a traditional black Japanese calligraphy ink called Sumi. The more you wear and wash these jeans, those more the Sumi ink will fade revealing the deep indigo under layer. The result is black denim that will fade to indigo. To honor the true Japanese heritage of this fabric, Risa Saito from Naked & Famous Denim provided us with this beautiful Sumi Kanji, made on bamboo paper. Shop the Sumi Ink Selvedge now. IMG_0344 IMG_0345 IMG_0348 IMG_0354


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