Fade Gallery - Super Skinny Guy Left Hand Twill

[gallery ids="1781,1783,1784,1785"] Today, in Fade Gallery, we feature our Manager Simon's pair of Super Skinny Guy - Left Hand Twill. Faded for about 8 Months. 8 Months - 1 Wash / 1 Soak. Throughout 8 months, the jeans have seen warehouse work, Studio Photography times, Motocycling and other activities which explains the contrasted honeycombs to come as well as the strong wallet fades, typical of extensive sit-down periods. The Left Hand Twill is a 13.75 Left Hand Selvedge denim, part of Naked & Famous denim's Core Collection. It is available in all cuts, from Super Skinny Guy to Regular Guy. Shop now! IMG_0558


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