Better Than Black Friday 2016

The much-anticipated Better Than Black Friday sales event returns to Tate + Yoko to kick off the Fall season and celebrate Labor Day. 

This online-only denim event is starting Friday, September 2 at 12PM EST until Tuesday, September 6 at 3AM EST and we're planning to outdo ourselves with our best sale yet. We're adding exciting new offers to satisfy all your denim wants. We're bringing back mystery bags with a twist, featuring door crashers and hourly specials, and additional markdowns to existing sale item.

Please note: The store and offices will be closed on Monday, September 5 for Labor Day, but we will attend to all emails, inquiries, and adjustments Tuesday morning.


Tate + Yoko is bringing back the popular mystery bag in a big way for Better Than Black Friday. It's our pleasure to introduce to you the Platinum and Gold Mystery Grab Bags.

Take a chance and buy a set of amazing products from past seasons for a very low price. All Mystery items are hand selected, but the Platninum and Gold Mystery Grab Bags will receive the best of the best mystery items.

Naked & Famous Denim - Platinum Mystery Grab BagsThe Platinum Mystery Grab Bag ($1000) will include:

  • 4 - Selvedge mystery jeans
  • 6 - Mystery shirts
  • 2 - Mystery jacket
  • 2 - Mystery knits

Naked & Famous Denim - Gold Mystery Grab Bags

The Gold Mystery Grab Bag ($500) will include:

  • 2 - Selvedge mystery jeans
  • 3 - Mystery shirts
  • 1 - Mystery jacket
  • 2 - Mystery knits


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Better Than Black Friday - 60% Off

Better Than Black Friday - Blowout: We will be featuring one-day-only blowout deals along with some amazing discounts.

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Better Than Black Friday - Women's


Better Than Black Friday FAQ

Here are some of the ground rules and expectations prior to the sale so everyone comes out happy and (hopefully) dressed head-to-toe in denim. Our commitment to you:

  • Fast, friendly, and helpful service from your favorite Canadian denim shop.
  • Deals upon deals upon deals for all your and your loved ones' denim needs.
Final sale - no returns or exchanges will be accepted.
  • All sale items, mystery bags/items, and hemmed jeans are final sale. They're priced to clear and we want to make it No returns or exchanges will be accepted.
  • Hemming, which is always free and included with any denim purchased at Tate + Yoko, may be delayed up to 24-72 hours from our within-5-business-day policy.
Email responses
  • Email responses will be delayed between 2-4 business days more than usual since we're expecting a greatly increased volume, but we will work our best to respond as soon as possible.
  • If you need something more urgently, like modifying or canceling an order, please call us at: (514) 382-4062 or toll free: 1-800-561-4952 for the fastest response.
Shipping times
  • Orders will take up to an extra 24-72 hours than normal to be processed and shipped out. We only ship during business days, which will be on Tuesday since we are closed Monday.
  • Mystery items and mystery bags will be shipped out on Thursday, September 8 for our logistics purposes.
  • We will use our normal FedEx 2-Day Shipping for North American orders and FedEx for international orders unless you have a PO Box address, where we will use Canada Post.
What is a mystery bag?
  • A mystery bag will be a collection of mystery items comprised of the category of items you choose (ie, jeans/shirt, jeans/shirt/knit, etc) that is randomly selected from the pile of mystery items.
  • There are 5 tiers of mystery bags:
    • Platinum Mystery Bag
    • Gold Mystery Bag
    • Mystery Bag Plus: Jeans, shirt, and jacket
    • Mystery Bag Plus: Jeans and a jacket
    • Mystery Bag: Jeans and a shirt
What is a mystery item?
  • A mystery item is a random item at a very high discounted rate chosen by us from previous seasons or odds and ends from our warehouse or sample room (production quality goods only). You take a small gamble in not knowing what you'll receive, but you'll be receiving goods from the beginning of Naked & Famous Denim's existence to Spring/Summer 2015 and some Fall/Winter 2015 samples.
  • Savings are expected to reach up to 60%.
Out of stocks
  • We are working extra hard to ensure the inventory is perfectly synced between the online shop and physical warehouse, but there may be some a handful of items that slip through the crack as we've recently transitioned inventory systems. We apologize in advance if there are any out of stock items in your order, but we'll work to ensure the situation is properly corrected and addressed.

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