Naked & Famous Denim

Denim Jacket - Kevlar® Fiber Blend Selvedge

  • Denim Jacket - Kevlar® Fiber Blend Selvedge

Naked & Famous Denim

Denim Jacket - Kevlar® Fiber Blend Selvedge


This innovative denim is a blend of DuPontTM Kevlar® fiber and Cotton that creates a tough and ultra-durable jean. Kevlar® fiber yarn is famous for being 5 times stronger than steel, per weight! As a synthetic aramid fiber, Kevlar® has been used in many applications where tensile strength and strength-to-weight ratio are key. For example, the fiber is used in motorcycle tires, aircraft carrier landing cables and bulletproof vests. Please note that these jeans are not bulletproof so please don’t try to shoot yourself in the leg.

Together with the mill in Japan, Naked & Famous Denim has run technical tear-strength tests and break-strength tests on the Kevlar® fiber blend denim versus the equivalent construction in 100% cotton. They found that the durability of the Kevlar® fiber blend denim is simply amazing. N&F founder Brandon Svarc notes, “Even the technicians at the mill were astonished by how much stronger this Kevlar® fiber blend denim was over its 100% cotton counterpart!”

Wear this denim on your motorcycle or just beat it up around town with everyday wear. Either way, this promises to be a great fading and durable denim.

The infamous Type III Denim Jacket, with its own subtle twists.  A slim, modern fit with gold stitching and nickel hardware adorns this updated classic. This jacket is truly an everyday item that can easily be integrated into any wardrobe.

  • Weight: 14oz
  • 90% Cotton, 10% aramid Kevlar® fiber
  • Japanese fabric
  • Made In Canada

//* Sizing *//

Size chart (in inches)

SHOULDER 16 17 18 19 20
PIT TO PIT 19 20 21 21.5 23
ARM 24 24.25 25 25.5 26
LENGTH 24 24 24.2 24.2 25.5