News - Tokushima Hand Dyed Denim

The Tokushima Hand Dyed Denim is perhaps the most beautiful fabric that we have ever used.  This 17oz Natural Indigo Big Slub Selvedge Denim is a showcase of the skill and mastery of countless artisans. Hank dying is a traditional Japanese method of hand dying yarn and is performed in world renowned Tokushima prefecture.  Only a handful of craftsmen are trained in this technique. During the hank dye process yarns are gathered into a bunch called a hank, and then repeated dipped into a batch of natural indigo.  Since the process is fully done by hand, every yard of fabric is unique. Natural indigo is created from the leaves of the indigo plant.  While most indigo plants come from India.  The traditional hank dye method only allows for the use of indigo grown on Japanese soil.  Very little indigo is grown in Japan each year, making these jeans that much more rare.  Due to the lengthy fermentation process, it takes about 1 year to produce a new lot of natural indigo dye. The traditional hank dye process is so much a part of Japanese culture and history, that the Japanese government has decreed it the prestigious title of Tokushima prefecture intangible culture treasure. Due to the labour intensive and painstaking process of creating hand dyed denim, only 15 pairs of this jean will be made.  Exclusive sold at Tate + Yoko