New Arrival: Oni Denim

At last! A new delivery from ONI Denim is now available at Tate + Yoko. ONI is a small independent denim brand from Japan founded 14 years ago. They are a little different from most of brands out there. They don’t have a website. They never advertise and they turn down most of interview requests. They have extremely limited number of stockists and they are not interested in acquiring new ones. They only make to order, and they never carry any stock themselves. But there is a reason why ONI Denim is popular among hardcore denimheads, and why we at T+Y respect the brand. It’s ONI’s ability to develop amazing fabrics. Mr. Oishi, the founder of ONI Denim has over 40 years of experience in denim industry, especially in fabric development. His fabrics are extremely unique and beautiful, and his jeans are made with great deal of attention to quality.   The new arrival includes a new version of ONI's most popular fabrics Secret Denim, called Natural Indigo Secret Denim "Celebration." With the same yarn count and low-tension construction as 20oz Secret Denim, this denim is made with natural indigo rope-dyed warp and unbleached weft. The different dye made this fabric even slubbier and more rigid than original Secret Denim. Red and white selvedge of this fabric represents the colors used in celebratory occasions in Japanese culture, hence the name “Celebration.” Available in ONI's 552 slim straight fit. ONI-552NIGR
For fans of ONI's original 20oz Secret Denim, we have denim jackets. The color and texture of Secret Denim is exceptional. Beautifully constructed truly unique denim now available in popular type 3 denim jacket design.  02527ZR
ONI's original signature fabric, 14oz Oni denim with low-tension weave and slubby texture is back in 2 styles ONI-417 and ONI-417DK. Both are in tight straight fit, but ONI-417DK features double knee design. Double knee in tight silhouette makes this a refreshing pair of raw denim.  


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