Akuma Raging Demon Selvedge is being Re-Released. Here’s how to get it.

Street Fighter™ 2 x Naked & Famous Denim Akuma Raging Demon Selvedge is being re-released in limited quantities. Only 20 units will be available from sizes 30 – 38 in the Weird Guy fit.

Due to the incredible demand, we felt that we had to distribute these in a way that would give all customers equal opportunity to purchase this item. The Akuma Raging Demon Selvedge will not be available as a regular release, rather we’ve devised a lottery system.

Available Units By Size


















This Is How It Works

> Select The Size You Wish To Purchase
> Click On The "Email Me When Available" Button
> A Pop Up Will Appear Prompting You To Enter Your Email Address
From the emails we’ve collected, we will then randomly select names and contact them with an offer to purchase. If the person declines we will select another person. We will do this until we are sold out of that size. The Akuma Raging Demon Selvedge are USD$235. You will only be able to purchase the size that you signed up for. No exceptions.
UPDATE 01/22/19: We just received notice the jeans are set to arrive in our warehouse this Friday January 25th. As long as the jeans do arrive on Friday, I will begin contacting the randomly selected names on Monday January 28th, 2019. -Cierra


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have these sold out?


Hi everyone, the Akuma Raging Demon Selvedge are Sanforized.

Kevin J.


As these jeans are unsanforized, if you pick up a size 30/31 you can soak them and it should bring them down to a 28/29.


I’m going to try and get a pair. It was unfortunate that when they were initially released that they didn’t produce the size 27 that I preordered. So now I’m back and even though size 30 will probably not fit me and I would have to wear a belt I will try and get it.


Appreciate you passing on the update Kevin.

Kevin J.

Hi all,

Just an update for everyone: Bahzad and Cierra had a live stream via Instagram yesterday and it was stated that the winners for the Akumas would not be determined until the New Year (as the shipment is vastly delayed). It was not stated as to why they have not received them yet, but I’m assuming that they are having difficulties with Canada Post (like all of us up here in the north are experiencing). Fingers crossed that they receive them sooner, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Additionally, while Bahzad was asked if the winners could be determined prior to Tate & Yoko receiving the shipment he was very reluctant to do so due to potential defects and not having the ability to provide replacements.

Let’s all keep our fingers and hope for the best!


Some updates would be nice indeed :/


Any update?


Hi everyone,

We are experience an unexpected further delay on the arrival of the Akuma’s. As soon as they arrive, I will let our IG followers know [follow us @tateandyoko]. The lucky lottery participants will be notified by email with an offer to purchase. If the person declines we will select another person.
Thank you all for your patience!!!


Hi Cierra. I have the same questions as Bobby—will we be notified when the pairs of Akuma have arrived at the warehouse, and/or will those who are only selected receive e-mails? Thanks!


Will there be an update when the Akumas arrive to the warehouse or will there just be an email to those who are selected?


Hi Juan, Unfortunately I can’t accept any bribes. Not even pizza. Fair game here.


Hi Sergie, All available sizes are listed here- Unfortunately we will not have a tag size 29. In the chart, you’ll find sizes available are 30 to 38.

Juan Arqueros

I’ll pay 300 up front if yall hook me up wit a pair lol I missed out last time….size 33 or 32 will do.


Is there a possibility of size 29? Thank you:)


I meant Akuma 36 not 34


I have been praying more often and increase the daily offerings at the Temple of the almighty “Denim gods” for my name to be selected for the Akuma 34.


The Akuma Raging Demon Selvedge are USD$235.


How much are they?


Wow, nice. Not in my size, but I applaud you guys for doing this. good luck to anyone who missed this and is looking for a pair.

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