Blackened Steel Duck Canvas Selvedge

Blackened Steel Duck Canvas Selvedge

“Duck Canvas” comes from the Dutch word “doek,” which simply means “cloth” and today Duck Canvas is used to refer to the heavy fabric used primarily for outerwear and protective workwear garments. Due to its durability duck canvas has been in a wide variety of applications.  Everything from ship sails to  furniture upholstery. Even duct tape has its roots with duck canvas, first it was called “duck tape” from using strips of duck canvas to reinforce everything from shoes to electrical cables.  

What makes Duck Canvas so tough is its construction, tightly woven 2x1 plain weave, two exterior-facing warp yarns go over each single interior-facing weft yarn. This creates a smooth surface that will not pull or rip easily. Ours is a 10oz Japanese selvedge duck canvas dyed with a blend of steel grey and black  to create the Blackened Steel look.  You will also find tonal stitching, a black full grain leather patch, and black mil-spec non-reflective buttons and rivets along with a bright red line selvedge ID

Available in Super Guy, Weird Guy, Easy Guy, Denim Jacket

Blackened Steel Duck Selvedge - Folded Flat

Blackened Steel Duck Selvedge - Leather Patch

Blackened Steel Duck Selvedge - Hardware

Blackened Steel Duck Selvedge - Selvedge ID

Available Friday August 21st at 11AM EST