Bridging Past And Present: The Tale Of Our Broken Twill Slub Stretch Selvedge

Bridging Past And Present: The Tale Of Our Broken Twill Slub Stretch Selvedge

In the intricate world of denim, traditions often blend with innovations. Our latest creation, the Broken Twill Slub Stretch Selvedge, is the epitome of this fusion. It stands as both a nod to denim's rich history and an embodiment of modern craftsmanship.

Going back in time, the Broken Twill weave was an inventive solution to a pressing problem. Directional twill denim, (left or right-hand twill) faced the issue of 'leg twist'. After a wash, the outseam of the jeans would spiral around the leg, much to the chagrin of wearers. Broken twill, combining both left-hand and right-hand twills, emerged as the savior. Its signature zig-zag weave had no directional bias and not only prevented leg twist but also gave the denim a unique texture.

Today, while modern manufacturing has largely eliminated the leg twist issue in directional twill denim, the charm and appeal of broken twill remains. It's a texture that harks back to a time of innovation, a time when challenges were met head-on with creativity.

Our Broken Twill Slub Stretch Selvedge pays homage to this legacy. Crafted from 12.5oz Japanese Selvedge Denim, this iteration stands as the first in the Slub Stretch Selvedge series to be made in a Broken Twill construction. We also incorporate irregular, bumpy slub yarns that absorb dye in a beautifully uneven manner. The result is a denim full of texture, combining the weave and irregular-sized yarns that create dynamic fading properties that raw denim aficionados will treasure. Each wear promises to bring out a unique evolution, emphasizes vertical highlights and creates a living canvas on your jeans.

Additionally, we incorporated 2% stretch on the weft side, this assures a comfortable fit and quick break-in time. It's designed to stretch horizontally, while the power of high-quality stretch yarns ensures that the denim retains its shape, wear after wear. The exterior warp is made with 100% cotton indigo rope dyed yarns ensuring the best fading potential, striking a balance to cater to both raw denim purists and those who prize comfort.

Detailing extends beyond the fabric. This denim dazzles with its traditional redline selvedge ID, contrasting stitches, a plush dark brown leather patch, an iconic button fly, and gleaming silver hardware. Every pair is meticulously tailored in our esteemed Canadian factory.

Our union with the Broken Twill Slub Stretch Selvedge is more than just crafting another pair of jeans. It's a celebration of the past and a recognition of the present. Wear it with pride, immerse in its history, and relish the comfort and style that comes with every thread.


Available Friday March 1st, 2023 at 11AM ET