Elephant X

Elephant X

The Elephant X marks the 10th iteration of our long running Elephant denim series. The Elephant X takes the series back to its roots with the fabric that started it all: the Elephant 1. Weighing in at 19 oz, but this time with a few upgrades. The dark indigo warp is now paired with a space grey weft, giving the fabric a clean, deep navy appearance. With wear and time, the grey backdrop will contrast with the fading indigo giving the worn denim cool steely undertones. The selvedge ID features a traditional red line paired with a metallic chrome offering a twist on the classic. A thick veg tan leather patch will develop a rich patina with time as the denim fades. Brand new burnished silver metallic hardware was made specifically for the Elephant X to match the grey weft and the metallic elements in the selvedge ID.



Available Friday September 17th, 2021 at 11AM EST.


Elephant X - Folded Flat

Elephant X - Leather Patch

Elephant X - Hardware

Elephant X - Rivet

Elephant X - Waist Button

Elephant X - Fabric Close Up

Elephant X - Selvedge ID