Japan Heritage Kasuri

Japan Heritage Kasuri

A melding of two classic Naked & Famous Denim favorites: the Japan Heritage Kasuri.

Fans of Naked & Famous Denim know that the Japan Heritage series means all the artisanal details denimheads look for in a fabric: super slubby texture, low-tension weaving, rope dyed indigo yarns, all in a heavier weight 14.5oz Japanese selvedge denim.

Kasuri dyeing is one of the brand’s favorite dyeing methods because it creates a beautiful, irregular range of hues. Usually, Naked & Famous Denim uses kasuri dyeing with indigo to yield an interesting streakiness throughout the front face of the fabric. But here, the interior weft yarn is dyed a rainbow of colors using the kasuri method, so the weft bursts with a full spectrum of different colors.  These colored yarns aren’t immediately apparent, but at the right angle the pops of color appear though the twill lines on the indigo face of the fabric.

This is the kind of laborious artisanal irreverence that made Naked & Famous Denim, well, famous: maximizing the beauty in the craft of old-world denim-making but matching it with new, innovative elements.


Available Friday November 11th 2022 at 11AM EST.