Majin Buu Innocent Selvedge

Majin Buu Innocent Selvedge

Majin Buu - Folded Flat

What happened when Kid Buu absorbed Grand Supreme Kai? The Majib Buu Innocent Selvedge.  
Powerful, childish, evil, silly, angry, we made a denim that coheres through its apparent contradictions. The heavyweight 18oz black x black rough slubby fabric is offset by the pink selvedge ID. Just as Majin Buu enjoys killing many without remorse because he does not grapple with the ethics of his actions, this fabric is burly enough to bully in battle but with a childishness, an innocence in the selvedge ear.  

Majin Buu - Selvedge ID

The blackout fabric is rich with texture all due to the slubby warp yarns made by slow-spinning the cotton. The blackout fabric will look innocent longer due to the black dye’s colorfastness, but it will fade in time if worn hard enough.  

Majin Buu - Embroidery

Find the vegetable tan fullgrain leather patch with Buu’s menacing baby face, the Dragon Ball Z x Naked & Famous Denim dual branded logo, and the custom-made Dragon Ball top buttons on both the jacket and the jeans.

Majin Buu - Leather Patch

The jeans also feature Majin Buu screenprinted onto one of the pocket bags. 

Majin Buu - Pocket Bag

Aggressive, tough, playful, just like Buu.