MIJ11 - Kakishibu Hand Dyed Selvedge Denim: An Exquisite Blend Of Tradition And Craftsmanship

MIJ11 - Kakishibu Hand Dyed Selvedge Denim: An Exquisite Blend Of Tradition And Craftsmanship

When it comes to denim, nothing quite compares to the richness of color and depth that comes from the ancient Japanese dyeing technique known as Kakishibu or persimmon dyeing. For the Naked & Famous Denim Made in Japan 11, we take it one step further as they are dyed by hand in the Tokushima Prefecture of Japan, a region that is renowned for its mastery of the Kakishibu dyeing technique.

What makes the MIJ11 so special is the way in which the yarns are dyed.  Kakishibu dyeing is a natural and eco-friendly process that has been practiced in Japan for over a thousand years. The dye is made from fermented juice extracted from the unripe fruit of the persimmon tree.

The dyeing process is a meticulous and laborious one that demands a high level of skill and patience. The yarns are painstakingly dipped by hand in the Kakishibu dye, then rung out and left to dry under the sun. This allows the color to deepen as the tannins in the dye react to sunlight. The process is repeated multiple times to achieve the desired color intensity, resulting in yarns that are wholly unique in tone.

The yarns are woven on vintage shuttle looms that are set to run slowly, creating an inconsistent weave pattern when viewed up close. This slow weaving process enhances the texture of the denim, combining the irregular slubby yarns with loose weaving to create an organic, uneven texture. The result is a denim that boasts a rich, warm brown hue with a subtle variation in color that gives the jeans a depth and character that is truly unique.

The details of the Made in Japan collection are designed to accentuate the beauty of denim as it evolves over time. The MIJ 11’s are no exception, with iron buttons that will rust and copper rivets that will oxidize to a beautiful green patina. The raised belt loops add another layer of texture, and the jeans come with a sheepskin leather patch.

As with all Kakishibu-dyed items, the MIJ 11’s will continue to evolve and develop their own unique character over time, making them a truly personal and one-of-a-kind piece. Each pair is made with care and attention to detail, and with only around 100 pairs produced, making them an rare and highly coveted pair.

Kakishibu dyeing is a beautiful reminder of the value of traditional practices. The MIJ 11 jeans are a stunning example of this technique and a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of the artisans who continue to practice it today.

Available Friday March 31st at 11AM EST

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