This Unique Weave Will Create Amazing Fades...

If you’re looking for something special, consider Puzzle Weave Denim by Naked & Famous Denim. What happens when you alternate Left Hand Twill and Right Hand Twill? A unique puzzle weave pattern that's cool new but the fade potential is amazing. These unique jeans are sure to spark conversation. Here's a quick word on Left Hand Twill and Right Hand Twill.

Right Hand Twill (RHT) is most commonly used. Look closely at your jeans and you'll notice the diagonal pattern that moves from the bottom left of the fabric to the top right.

Left Hand Twill (LHT) is the opposite of RHT. The diagonal pattern moves from the bottom right of the fabric to the top left. Left Hand Twill was created to minimize twisting after soaking unsanforized denim. 

We'll let you decide which weave fades faster...



 Puzzle Weave Denim

A 10.5oz Japanese stretch denim, in a unique puzzle weave pattern.  The denim is woven on specialty jacquard machine and weaves this denim in an alternating left hand twill, right hand twill puzzle pattern.  Details include tonal stitching, brown leather patch, silver metallic buttons and rivets.

Available in the Super Skinny Guy and Weird Guy fits.


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