Sakiori Denim

Sakiori Denim

Sakiori Denim - Folded Flat

Sakiori is a Japanese rag weaving technique over 250 years old. Peasants would take scraps of old cloth (clothing, rags, anything) and weave them into perpendicular yarns to create a fabric with a rag weft and a yarn warp. Because the scraps come from different sources, the resulting fabric is always rich in its variety of colors and textures. The scraps roll when loomed between the yarns making a thick, soft fabric that has been used to make everything from work jackets to rugs.

Sakiori Denim - Hardware

The Sakiori Denim recycles denim scraps, each its own shade of indigo and weaves them into the yarn warp. Each piece of denim twists and frays, sometimes leaving the reverse side of the cloth exposed, creating endless indigo shades to reveal themselves. 

Sakiori Denim - Cuff

Due to the nature of the fabric - used finished cloth woven together into a new finished cloth - the fabric is a substantial but soft 16oz with a bonded backing to add durability.

Sakiori Denim - Close Up Detail

Melding a weaving method from the 1700s and modern technology and aesthetics, the Sakiori Denim line is fitted with all the details you’ve come to expect from Naked & Famous Denim custom buttons and rivets, and navy suede leather patch, which are paired perfectly set against rag cloth.

Sakiori Denim - Leather Patch


Available Friday December 20th 2020