The Art Of Greencast Denim: Introducing The MIJ12 Aomidori Selvedge

The Art Of Greencast Denim: Introducing The MIJ12 Aomidori Selvedge

Introducing the latest addition to the Naked & Famous Denim Made in Japan Collection – the Aomidori Selvedge, marking the 12th iteration in this esteemed series. "Aomidori," meaning blue-green in Japanese, perfectly describes this denim's unique characteristic: at first glance, it resembles classic indigo denim, but a special dye technique allows it to fade to a greenish hue of blue.

There are two methods to achieve greencast denim – either by dyeing the yarns with a green tint before or after the indigo dye. When denim appears greener, it’s typically known as top dye, where the tint is added after the indigo dye process. Bottom dyeing, on the other hand, involves tinting the yarns green before the indigo rope dye process, which makes the indigo fade to a greenish hue with wear. The Aomidori Selvedge utilizes the latter, bottom dye technique, resulting in a mesmerizing blend of indigo and green hues that set this denim apart.

Weighing in at 16oz, this denim is woven on vintage shuttle looms in Okayama, Japan. It is unsanforized, meaning it hasn't undergone any mechanical shrinkage processes, nor has it been anti skewed or singed, leaving the fabric in its purest form, brimming with incredible texture characterized by pronounced vertical streakiness. The bumpy and irregularly sized yarns add further texture and will fade at slightly different rates, giving depth to the color.

While the denim is unsanforized, we opted for a tenpi treatment to pre-shrink the jeans—simplifying sizing so you don’t have to worry about it. This method of soaking and sun drying maintains the denim's raw qualities but shrinks the jeans to size while preserving its original hairiness, grittiness, and texture

The meticulous details of the Aomidori Selvedge are exceptional, featuring 100% iron buttons designed to develop a beautiful rust and patina over time, copper rivets that naturally oxidize, and raised belt loops that fade with wear. A premium sheepskin leather patch adorned with the "Flower of Carnage" logo, a selvedge fly, and a micro busted outseam add refined details that denim connoisseurs treasure. A distinct maple leaf embroidered on the back pocket signifies the meticulous attention to detail and heritage of the MIJ series.

Every pair of Aomidori Selvedge jeans is exquisitely crafted in Japan, reflecting the highest standards of quality. The expert craftsmanship is evident in every stage of production, from the meticulous dyeing of the yarn to the precise cutting and sewing of the fabric. This dedication not only elevates the jeans but also underscores Naked & Famous Denim's commitment to innovation and quality in the world of denim.

Available Friday May 17th at 11AM ET

MIJ12 - Aomidori Selvedge - Folded Flat