The Summers Best Lightweight Jeans Are Right Here

The Summers Best Lightweight Jeans Are Right Here

If you dread the warmer months because you can no longer wear your trusty jeans, you’re in luck: the mad scientists at our Japanese mills have been working tirelessly to bring you the best possible combination of high quality and light weight for the 2022 season. Nick from Stridewise interviewed Zeke at our New York City store to take a closer look.

Your average pair of jeans these days is around 11 to 13 ounces per square yard, but everything on this list is under 10 ounces. Here are the lightest jeans on offer this year:


Blue Bird Selvedge (9.5oz)

A lovely, understated jean that's ideal for guys who like classic looks, our new Blue Bird Selvedge is woven on shuttle looms just like our best known jeans, but it comes in at a remarkably light 9.5 ounces per square yard. 


Mainline Selvedge (9oz)

 A little more unusual than the classic-looking Blue Bird, the Mainline is more inspired by vintage workwear. The white stitching and the neppy, irregular denim are reminiscent of the jeans once used for work — these jeans are throwbacks while remaining relatively subtle and understated. 


Sky High Selvedge (10oz)

Inspired by those super faded jeans that were beloved in the 1960s and 70s, our new Sky High Selvedge is unique in this year’s collection not just for its color but the fact that it’s 18 percent hemp. While it's a hair lighter than the previous two jeans, hemp is great at wicking moisture, so it'll still feel light and breathable in the heat. 


Raw Linen Denim (10oz) (Natural) (Black)

We’ve had linen-cotton blend jeans before, but this is the first time we’ve released a jean that’s made with 100 percent linen. World renowned for its porous nature and breathability, linenis a timeless classic for hot weather


Ultralight Tech Denim (5.5oz)

This groundbreaking fabric is about as lightweight as a t-shirt, which is why it had to be woven with a combination of cotton and nylon so that it could still stand up to daily wear without tearing. These jeans will feel like you’re wearing nothin’ at all. Just note that they don't stretch as much as regular cotton so pay close attention to the measurement guides when sizing.