True Grit Selvedge

True Grit Selvedge

True Grit Selvedge - Folded Flat

The True Grit Selvedge, as its name suggests, harkens back to myths of denim heritage, and what denim has meant as a fabric. From Jimmy Stewart in The Man from Laramie to Paul Newman in Hud to Elvis and James Dean and Marlon Brando in real life, denim has been associated with independent, hardscrabble people, people who go it alone and do things their own way. People and characters with vintage virtues like self-reliance, conviction, and perseverance.  

True Grit Selvedge - Selvedge ID

The True Grit Selvedge embodies that denim mythos. Its weft is made of rare undyed, unbleached brown cotton. The brown weft yarns are woven into indigo warp yarns on vintage Japanese shuttle looms that rattle and shake and need to be operated by skilled artisans to create a fabric that appears almost hand-woven. Short slub yarns in both the warp and weft create a vintage crosshatched grain in the denim. Then it is left unsanforized. 

True Grit Selvedge - Button Fly

Sanforization steams and heats and stretches rolls of denim in order to minimize shrinkage when you first wash the fabric, but unsanforized denim keeps all the beautiful irregularities and imperfections intact, and allows you to shrink them to your size, making them all the more unique. 

True Grit Selvedge - Coin Pocket

The 14oz unsanforized fabric will shrink and become denser after the first soak, putting these on the heavier side of midweight denim, perfect for long-term daily wear.  

True Grit Selvedge - Hair On Leather Patch

The jeans are then finished with a Hair-On Bovine Leather patch, another indicator of the rugged individualism that inspired this fabric. 


Available Friday February 14th 2020