Trunks Perfect Selvedge

Trunks Perfect Selvedge

Trunks Future Selvedge - Folded Flat

How did we celebrate and embody the spirit of Future Trunks in denim? All we had to do was distill the time traveling half-Saiyan half-Earthling with cropped lavender hair raised in an apocalyptic hellscape into a 3x1 twill. Seemed pretty straightforward.  

Trunks Future Selvedge - Waist Button

We took a clue from the differences between Future Trunks and Trunks. Future Trunks is serious, careful, polite from an Earth under the control of murderous Androids, but Trunks who grew up pampered in a time of peace is arrogant and conniving. In this way, Trunks embodies his past as present. So, we made sure this denim had its past baked in.  

Trunks Future Selvedge - Coin Pocket

There was nothing smooth or regular about Future Trunks’ Earth, so we wanted a rough textured denim. Slubbiness in yarn used to be seen as a defect – a variation from uniformity, but it builds character into the fabric as a human project with irregularities and bumps and ridges, a byproduct of the cotton yarn being spun slowly. Something that would be prized in a world destroyed by Androids. More than that, the fabric is woven on old slow looms that rattle and shake and take master artisans to maintain and operate, and you can see this process as product in the jagged weave of the fabric. 

Trunks Future Selvedge - Leather Patch

Future Trunks makes his first appearance in Dragon Ball slicing the most powerful being in the universe to pieces, so we went with a heavyweight 18oz denim that can handle almost anything thrown its way. The black x black fabric matches Future Trunks’ pants and is finished with a bright purple selvedge ear to match his hair.  

Trunks Future Selvedge - Pocket Bag

But we didn’t want to be called subtle, either. So, we made a vegetable tanned leather patch embossed with Trunks attacking that will patina with wear. We couldn’t resist a Dragon Ball Z x Naked & Famous Denim dual branded logo on the inside. Both the jeans and the jacket feature top buttons we had custom made to look like Dragon Balls. The jeans have a portrait of Future Trunks printed on one black pocket bag and the Capsule Core insignia embroidered on the back pocket. The jacket has a plush chenille Capsule Core shoulder patch like the one on Future Trunks’ jacket.  

Trunks Future Selvedge - Embroidery

The denim may come from Japan and the collection might be built in Canada, but we could swear these are half-Saiyan, too.