Ultralight Tech Denim

Ultralight Tech Denim

The Ultralight Tech Denim is almost a contradiction in terms. It’s both one of the lightest denims that Naked & Famous Denim has ever made and one of the toughest.

Coming in at just 5.5oz, the Ultralight Tech Denim is less than half the weight of traditional denim fabrics.  Yet this denim was designed to be incredibly durable.  To achieve this, the Ultralight Tech Denim was made using a special cotton nylon blend yarn.  Nylon is renowned for its strength to weight ratio, providing the durability needed in lightweight materials, which is why it is often used in technical performance garments. 

The jeans come rise washed, yet the fabric still has a crispy rigid feel that will form hard creases for dramatic fades. 

Because nylon doesn’t have a lot of natural give, it’s recommended that these jeans be worn with a little bit of extra room, to make up for the lack of natural stretch you’d find in 100% cotton jeans.

With the Ultralight Tech Denim you won’t have to comprise when it comes to weight and durability making them perfect for active lifestyles and warmer climates. 

The jeans are finished off with mic spec non reflective buttons and rivets, tonal stitching and a pull up navy leather patch.



Available Friday June 17th at 11AM EST.



Ultralight Tech Denim - Folded Flat