Who is Rockin' Jelly Bean?

Who is Rockin' Jelly Bean?

The artist goes by "Rockin' Jelly Bean" and is known to wear a custom Luchador doll mask to hide his identity. During public appearances, the mysterious artist will have at least two RJB girls at his side. Influenced by artists such as Ed Big Daddy Roth, Robert Williams and Von Franco, RJB is known for his Low Brow "lachivious and wildly imaginative depictions of beautifully nasty and cutely obscene women". 

RJB's career began in Tokyo in the early '90s designing gig flyers for local bands. By the late '90s, he moved to LA and released EROSTY POP; a label featuring wearable Rockin' Jelly Bean merchandise. His first shop, EROSTIKA, opened it's doors in 2004 where you can shop original prints, apparel and toys. RJB's racy artwork is shocking and playful. An international audience of cult fans continue to collect his work not only for the "boobs and butts" but the hidden messages he likes to include in his work. 

Image via rockinjellybean.com  

  Tate + Yoko is now the only Canadian retailer offering Erostika T-Shirts by Rockin' Jelly Bean. We just received our first batch this week, you can shop Rockin' Jelly Bean merchandise here.

Available in Black and White

RAWT-001 - "Raw Girl" T-Shirt - Black

GID-01 - "Cursed" T-Shirt - Black

07.31.18 Just Arrived!
SBST-01 - "The Switchblade Surfers" T-Shirt - White
Available in Black and White



07.31.18 More In From RJB

We just received the first ever set of the Eros-Tiki "God Bird Man" mugs. Sold as a set of two, these mugs completely sold out in Japan.

 Receive a "Switchblade Surfers" fan with purchase of any Rockin' Jelly Bean products, while quantities last.