Here's Why Arc'teryx Veilance Is Worth The Investment

Here's Why Arc'teryx Veilance Is Worth The Investment

You have been asking for Tate + Yoko to carry more outerwear. For Winter 2018, our buyers set out to find the best made winter jackets on the planet. Finally, we received Vancouver, Canada based Technical Apparel and Outerwear brand, Arc'teryx Veilance. The collection stands out; a minimalist aesthetic and the quality of construction is clearly exceptional. Our rep Jean-Christophe came in the explain why these jackets are unlike anything we've seen and I now know why Arc'teryx Veilance is worth the investment.

On a rainy afternoon, J-C arrived at the shop to give us a PK session on Veilance’s high-tech features and what makes the team at Arc’teryx tick. Wearing gear perfect for the weather, he arrived in all-black with a hard case storage in hand. Labeled containers containing European grey goose down and Careloft synthetic fill, swatches of GORE-TEX® Nylon and what looked like a microscope were placed on the table and we crowded around with a pen and paper. 

    Arc'teryx Veilance Jackets
All designing is done at the head office in Vancouver, BC. A team of 12 to 15 people design new innovations on paper then turn those plans in to samples. Samples are tested by Arc’teryx employees- the perfect test market of people who love outdoor physical activity. (J-C casually mentioned he ran 10k with his coworkers that morning. I got the feeling this was something they did regularly). Once the sample is up to standard, production is handed over to their in-house factory where their craftsman assemble your jacket by hand. This rarely close relationship between the factory and office results in relentlessly strong products and a deep brand culture you feel the minute you meet an Arc’teryx employee.
Watch This Video About Arc’teryx Manufacturing And The Brand’s Ethos
Keith Kotman, the Manager of Canada’s largest technical factory, “Arc 1”, says it perfectly; “We don’t mass produce, we mass craft”. There are design details that most likely go unnoticed to the untrained eye. For example, J-C pointed out a small detail we all recognized was genius- a highly water-resistant zipper construction they named WaterTight. You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the list of technical features including fill measurements and trademarked materials on the Arc’teryx Veilance product descriptions. I’m here to break down that information and help you understand what makes these jackets worth the investment. As J-C explained, “We don’t design with a budget in mind. We design with the highest quality materials and best innovations first, then price accordingly.”. You should know, all Arc’teryx products come with a lifetime warranty.
My Notes On Technical Features And Materials
Taped Seam Construction: Seams are taped to stop water from entering your jacket through stitched holes.
Down Composite Mapping: Sensors are used to map where heat retains and releases. Synthetic fill and Down fill are used strategically for maximal warmth and breath-ability.
Notched Rear Vent: For increased range of movement because a thigh-length coat is to protect not interfere.   
Overall Improved Fit: Arc’teryx uses E3D patterning and fitting testing to create products with excellent mobility. You’ll notice No movement restrictions due to subtle but highly functional construction such as curved arms that create a flawless fit. Veilance’s answer to a comfortable fit is technical design, not adding stretch to their materials.  
StormHood: A two-piece hood with less seams and less tape that’s more breathable and built to move with you. Look both ways before you cross the street and your hood will move with you rather than block your view.
WaterTight Zippers: PU coated zippers with metal teeth that interlock so tightly it’s nearly impossible for moisture to pass through. Not only are these zippers highly efficient, they look modern and zip smoothly.
GORE-TEX Arc'teryx Veilance
850 fill European Grey Goose Down: Down fill is more breathable that synthetic fill. Natural insulation. Super lightweight. If you’re active or tend to get warmer faster, you may consider more Down Fill rather than synthetic. Veilance only practices RDS: Responsible Down Standards. Older geese provide larger clusters and loose their down twice a year. The feathers that have fallen are picked up and divided by hand. Open up a Veilance coat and you will find 100% pure and untreated European Grey Goose Down.
Outdoor Industry standard is 450 fill. Veilance only offers 850 fill which is the highest grade by square meter available on the market.
100 gsm Coreloft: Coreloft is warmer than Down fill. Made from synthetic fibers. Has very good moisture management. Retains heat even when wet. If you are a city dweller that wears your coat waiting for public transportation or you tend to run cold, you may consider more Coreloft fill than Down fill.
Nylon face: Continues to be the most trusted material for its durability, reaction to the elements, tough resistance against long term wear and washing.
GORE-TEX®: The shell is a 3-layer membrane system named GORE-TEX Pro. The membrane is bonded between and outer shell and inner lining, making this shell durably waterproof and windproof while remaining breathable.  
GORE-TEX Arc'teryx Veilance
MX - Mixed Conditions: Transitional, from Fall to Winter
AR - All Year: Best for Fall weather
SV - Severe Weather: Best for Winter weather
* Note, these points are in consideration of the harsh Canadian winters.



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