Upstate Stock

Ragg Wool Mitten - Oatmeal With Natural Deerskin

$65.00 USD
  • Beige Wool Mittens Made in USA by Upstate Stock

Upstate Stock

Ragg Wool Mitten - Oatmeal With Natural Deerskin

$65.00 USD


Gloves 100% made in the USA from American Ragg Wool. Knitted in Upstate, NY and finished in Brooklyn, NY. 2.5oz deerskin is cut in Brooklyn and attached to the gloves using a century old Singer chain-stitch post bed machine. Lined with Newtech- a poly pill lining that is considered one of the softest synthetics out there - these mittens are super comfortable and cozy. The cuffs are a double hem so that no wind can get through at the wrists. 


  • 85% USA Wool, 15% USA Nylon
  • Lined with Newtech, 100% PA
  • Ragg Wool: The nylon in this traditional workwear/gardening wool blend allows for shape retention and durability. The high quality wool will wick away moisture to keep hands warm and dry. 


  • Each style of glove we make comes in two sizes, a smaller size, and a larger size. For the mittens, we recommend following the measurement guidelines exactly. If your fingers are too long for the smaller mittens, then they will be crushed against the top of the mitten and it won't stretch.
  • S/M: 6.5"
  • L/XL: 7.5"


  • Machine wash with any detergent. Lay flat to dry. 
  • All labels are lightly tacked on and can be removed easily.