In-store: Handmade Flags of Canada and Japan

We proudly fly the Canadian and Japanese flags at Tate + Yoko to represent where most of our goods are expertly crafted (with a few brands from the United States). Guests at Tate + Yoko love and always comment on one our unique features: the custom-made Canadian and Japanese flags. Here's the story behind these amazing one-of-a-kind creations: There was a Canadian gentleman who moved to Japan because he was in love with a Japanese woman. This Japanese woman had a friend whose father who was a leather master craftsman, so the Canadian gentleman decided to learn the intricacies of the leather craft. Conveniently, this Canadian gentleman's parents were excellent oil panting artists, so he grew up with a unique blend of insight and skill in the world of art. Over time, this gentleman would start to make leather goods by hand and sell it in flea markets around Japan. A number of years passed and the Canadian gentleman and the Japanese woman received life-changing news: they were going to have a child! They both decided to move back to Canada to raise their child. Shortly after arriving to Canada, our paths crossed and the Canadian gentleman started making leather crafts for Naked & Famous Denim. These two flags are a special commission by our friend who specializes in leather goods. He hand-stitched Canadian leather and natural unbleached denim with waxed sinew thread to create these masterpieces. The details:
  • The red full grain leather is sourced from a local Canadian leather producer.
  • The waxed sinew thread were sourced from a local First Nation reserve.
  • The denim on the Canadian and Japanese flags are a 13 oz Japanese selvedge natural denim with trash (unbleached cotton with the cotton seeds remaining)
Tate + Yoko - Canadian and Japanese flags in-store Tate + Yoko - Canadian and Japanese flags in-store Tate + Yoko - Japanese flag in-store Tate + Yoko - Canadian flag in-store