FW15 Pre-Order: Elephant 5, Okayama Spirit 2, and Coffee-Dyed Denim

Coffee-Dyed Selvedge Chino, Elephant 5, and Okayama Spirit 2 - these jeans need very little introduction. We have a very limited run of the highly anticipated FW15 styles by Naked & Famous Denim coming in, so we are opting to do a pre-order system to equal the playing field for all those interested. Pre-orders will open on Tuesday, August 25 at 1PM (Eastern Standard Time). The following styles available for pre-order:

Coffee-Dyed Selvedge Chino

The world’s first coffee-dyed jeans! Naked & Famous Denim's newest dyeing method turns recycled coffee grinds into a dye stable enough to use on their 12 oz Japanese Selvedge denim. Only 300 pairs were made worldwide, making these some of the rarest jeans on the planet. Tate + Yoko only received one of each size, so consider yourself lucky if you get one! The Coffee-Dyed Selvedge will ship out on September 17, 2015.

Elephant 5

The world-famous Elephant denim has a new look. The latest model is a 20 oz slubby Japanese Heavyweight Selvedge with gold thread contrast stitching. This new fabric is robust as ever and full of character by using bumpy irregularly shaped “slub yarns” and a slow weaving method. The Elephant 5’s ridged and uneven surface will result in high-contrast wear patterns for a totally unique look that fades like nothing else. Denim jacket:   The Elephant 5 will ship out on September 21, 2015.

Okayama Spirit 2

The Okayama Spirit 2 is an updated version of the hot-selling Okayama Spirit featuring an unsanforized slubby indigo (warp)/indigo (weft) denim. This jean is guaranteed to sell out quickly with its dual fading properties on the inside and outside of the jean. Don't hesitate because you'll miss your chance at one of our favourite new lines. *The Okayama Spirit is unsanforized and will shrink a full size. Order one size above your usual tag size. The Okayama Spirit 2 will ship out on September 28, 2015.  

Pre-orders will open on Tuesday, August 25 at 1PM (Eastern Standard Time).


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