Naked & Famous Denim MIJ2

Naked & Famous Denim releases the newest addition to its Made in Japan collection. The MIJ2 is made from custom developed 17oz Loomstate Japanese Selvedge Denim.  This custom denim is produced by mixing multiple sized irregular shaped “slub” yarns and then slowly weaving the fabric.  This slow weave technique produces “loom chatter” where the loom itself will furiously vibrate, endangering the loom, but it produces a denim fabric with an irregular weave pattern and a texture reminiscent of hand-woven fabrics. The MIJ2 features a Tempi treatment, which means it's produced without the use of any mechanical shrinking processes.  These processes are designed to eliminate shrinkage and leg twist to leave the fabric flat and uniform. A special Tempi treatment was applied to eliminate shrinkage while preserving the natural beauty of the fabric.


  • 17oz Loomstate Selvedge Denim with an unbleached selvedge line
  • Tempi Treated ( no shrinkage )
  • 100% Iron Buttons
  • Copper rivets / Hidden back pocket rivets
  • 10oz special vegetable tanned leather patch with a new MIJ logo
  • Peek-a-boo selvedge
  • Raised belt loops
  • Chainstitched hems
  • 100% Made in Japan
Aside from the fabric, details include 100% iron buttons, copper rivets, hidden back pocket rivets, raised belt loops, 10oz vegetable tanned leather patch, chain stitched hems as well as a signature red maple leaf embroidered on the back pocket. This style is available in a limited quantity. Make sure to grab them before they're gone! Shop MIJ2


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