New Service: Vegan-Friendly Patch Alternative

Tate + Yoko is teaming up with Naked & Famous Denim to offer a vegan-friendly patch for a limited time. There has been a lot of discussion with customers since we opened our doors about serving the ethical fashion and vegan communities. While we can assure you all the products we carry are ethically made and done in small batches, we were challenged to go above and beyond. We are unsure how the reception for this service will be, but we're giving you the opportunity to let your voice be heard. The option is free of charge, but please note the product will be considered a final sale as it will be altered. The Vegan Durango patch is a vegan-friendly non-leather alternative made from a non-rip heavy cardboard which looks and feels like a leather patch. It was most recently used for the Naked & Famous Denim Vegan Organic Selvedge, but we're rolling it out to all Naked & Famous Denim products that have a patch. To get the Vegan Durango patch: Add the Vegan Durango Patch to your cart and we will swap out the leather patch for a vegan-friendly patch. Please specify which item you would like to have the Vegan Durango patch added to in the order notes if you order multiple jeans. NOTE: If you add this option to your order, the jeans are considered altered and they will be a final sale.


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