14.5oz Unsanforized Japanese Denim, Japan Heritage Returns

The Japan Heritage Returns is a 14.5oz Unsanforized Japanese Selvedge denim with a slubby uneven texture. A result of low tension weaving techniques, and the use of uneven shaped Slub yarns. The yarn is rope dyed with indigo and due to the irregular shape of the yarn indigo absorption varies from section to section. Over time with wear, as the indigo starts to fade, a wide gradient of indigo becomes visible, and allows for a high contrast three dimensional textured fade.
Japan Heritage Returns by Naked & Famous Denim
Photo of a processed pair of Japan Heritage Returns
Naked & Famous Denim sent Japan Heritage Returns to a denim processing specialist. On instagram, we posted up close photos of what they would look like with regular wash, and not extreme wear.
I washed a pair of the Japan Heritage Returns at high temperature, in a front-load washing machine, without any soap, and laid flat to dry. I took Pre and Post wash measurements, calculated the shrinkage percentage for each, and predicted the post soak measurements for all sizes. -Cierra