A Midnight Collaboration: Naked & Famous Denim x Raised by Wolves

A Midnight Collaboration: Naked & Famous Denim x Raised by Wolves

There are partnerships that are forged by a shared passion and commitment to excellence. Our collaboration with Raised by Wolves stands as a testament to this. As they celebrate their 15th year, we're honored to join them on this milestone with an exclusive denim creation.

Crafted from premium 12.5oz Japanese Selvedge Denim, the richness of this piece lies in its hues. The deep indigo rope-dyed exterior warp is complemented by a black interior weft, imparting the denim its captivating midnight hue. When observed closely, the black weft subtly emerges through the twill lines. With time, as the indigo gracefully fades, it's this black undertone that will magnify the blue's brilliance, creating an electrifying visual appeal.

But it's not just the color that makes this collaboration special. Delve deeper, and you'll strike the raw defiance Raised by Wolves is famed for. Brazenly woven into the selvedge ID is their unapologetic "Fuck Off." slogan. Our motto for it? “Flip Up The Cuff To Flip Em’ Off”. It's a fierce statement of rebellion, symbolizing the essence of Raised by Wolves.

Going into the finer details, the denim features matte black mic spec non-reflective hardware, lending it a modern and sleek look. Adorning the back, a vegetable-tanned leather patch comes to life with custom artwork. Our signature Tragic Blond is depicted in the company of a mesmerizing pack of crystal wolves. The crystal, symbolic of the 15-year landmark, adds an intricate and shimmering touch to this commemorative masterpiece.  And the talent behind the artwork? The multi-faceted Montreal-based comic book artist and professional wrestler, Andy Belanger.

Our partnership with Raised by Wolves is more than a simple collaboration; it's a blend of two worlds, two visions, and two legacies. Together, we've crafted not just a denim but a narrative of shared journeys and mutual admiration. To those who've cherished both our stories, this is our tribute. Wear it with pride, revel in its craftsmanship, and remember: sometimes, flipping the cuff speaks louder than words.

Available starting Friday, November 3rd 2023 at 11AM ET.