Catechu Selvedge

Catechu Selvedge

Naked & Famous Denim is known for its innovative uses of new and traditional dyeing methods to create unique fabrics. The Catechu Selvedge is no exception and brings a dye often found in Indian textiles to Japanese raw denim. 

In the way that food can make you feel connected to a specific place, there’s something powerful about knowing where your clothing comes from - especially in the case of natural-dyed fabrics. Catechu itself is derived from tannin-rich wood bark. Depending on how it is used, catechu can create a range of colors from deep reds to golden browns to greys and greens that feel perfect for fall.

The fabric is a rigid 12oz selvedge denim with an indigo warp and a catechu-dyed weft made using short slub yarns that create high and low points like a handwoven fabric. The dark weft peeks through the indigo lending the fabric rich warm undertones matched by the color and texture of the brown suede leather patch and catechu selvedge ID.


Available Friday August 5th, 2022 at 11AM EST



Catechu Selvedge - Folded Flat