Chrismukkah Selvedge Denim

Christmas and Hanukkah coincide for the 4th time in 100 years this year. In celebration of these traditions overlapping, we introduce Chrismukkah Selvedge Denim.
“These fun Chrismukkah jeans gave us a great theme on which to create one of the coolest selvedge edge combinations that we’ve developed over the past 9 years.” Says founder Brandon Svarc, “And that leather patch is sure to make our fans smile, which means I’ve done my job right.”
Custom natural leather patch. 
2.5oz Short Slub Selvedge featuring Christmas and Hanukkah color Selvedge.
When Christmas and Hanukkah collide inspired pocket bags.
Dual exposed Selvedge coin pocket. Red + Green, Blue + White metallic
Selvedge ears in celebration of both holidays.



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