Crafting Classics: The Artful Details Of The Tried & True Selvedge

Crafting Classics: The Artful Details Of The Tried & True Selvedge

Here at Naked & Famous, we’re renowned for our wild creations. From heavyweight champions to slub textures and vibrant interiors, not to mention our color-changing denim from the color core series, we’ve pushed the boundaries of denim time and again. Yet, amidst the thrill of innovation, there's a call for the classic—the timeless tried & true styles of old. We've answered with the Tried & True Selvedge, a 12.5oz Japanese Selvedge denim. It's a classic raw denim with those elevated details that make it the perfect daily driver for lovers of classic jeans.

At first glance, the Tried & True Selvedge may appear like another white-backed indigo raw denim. Yet, what makes it special lies in the subtle details. Take a closer look and you'll notice the denim's unique texture, with varying indigo hues that create a 'flamey' look. This effect comes from the use of short slub irregular yarns—not thick enough to give a three-dimensional texture but varying enough for the indigo to absorb at different rates, which will highlight the vertical fading patterns over time.

You'll also spot small white flecks, known as 'neps', throughout the fabric—a nod to old-school charm where such quirks were once seen as flaws but are now intentionally added for character. Inside the fabric, indigo neps are woven into the weft, adding intrigue from within.

The jeans feature the classic Naked & Famous Denim details: custom-made silver metallic hardware and a 5oz vegetable-tanned leather patch that's meant to age and develop a dark brown patina with the jeans. You might consider using leather oils or treatments to further this natural aging process. The denim is finished with a red & white and red & blue selvedge ID line on either edge of the hem—a detail that denim connoisseurs will truly appreciate.

Each pair is meticulously crafted in our own Canadian factory, a symbol of our dedication to local craftsmanship and the last of its kind in the nation.

We revel in taking raw denim to new heights with our innovations, but we also know the importance of looking back to the classics. The Tried & True Selvedge isn't just a nod to the timeless indigo denim that started it all; it's a celebration of its enduring legacy, crafted for the future. It’s the kind of denim that never goes out of style, proving that some things are just Tried & True.

Available Friday February 9th at 11AM ET

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