Elephant 11 Grandrelle

Elephant 11 Grandrelle

Each fall, denimheads worldwide know they can expect the latest in one of Naked & Famous Denim’s most coveted fabrics: the Elephant series.

This fall marks the eleventh unique fabric in the series: the Elephant 11 Grandrelle. Weighing in at 20oz, breaking in this fabric is not for the faint of heart. But with time and wear, the cotton will soften and fade and form to your body yielding an armor that has been molded to you.

Looking at the face of the fabric, you can see some white peeking through the indigo yarns but not evenly and not everywhere. “Maybe the slubby indigo yarns are hiding the white weft?” you might wonder.

But no. The Elephant 11 Grandrelle takes its name from the grandrelle yarns used in the weft of the fabric. These yarns are made by spinning together two yarns of contrasting colors. In this case, black and white yarns are used, so when you look at the weft, it has a static-like appearance for a unique fabric that is both indigo x black and indigo x white. You could say the Elephant 11 Grandrelle is an indigo x (white x black) selvedge denim.

Combine grandrelle yarns with crazy vertical slubs, low tension weaving, and a super thick veg tan leather patch, and you have a denim built to wear and fade beautifully over time.

Available Friday Oct 21st at 11am EST



Elephant 11 - Grandrelle - Folded Flat