Denim for Dad this Father's Day

If your Dad is anything like mine, a flower arrangement for Dad on Father's Day just doesn't have the same effect it does on Mom for Mother's Day. It's not easy finding something he'll truly appreciates... He knows what he likes and if he needs something, he'll go get it for himself.
This year, introduce Dad to your favorite hobby, Japanese Selvedge Denim. Think about what he likes to do and suggest the perfect denim to go with his lifestyle... For example, lightweight denim if he spends a lot of time outside enjoying the summer, stretch denim if he needs comfort and likes to get active, denim with a unique fade-ability, like Dirty Fade Selvedge, if you want to compare fades ;)
Together, you can geek out over the fabrication's specs or simply appreciate raw denim's unique ability to get better with age like good wine.
Need help picking something out? Comment below.