Friendship Denim

Friendship Denim

The classic denim aesthetic is indigo outer warp yarns and white inner weft yarns. But we’re not ones to limit ourselves to that.

Friendship Denim - Pocket Flasher

We’ve dyed a lot of wefts over the years. Just this season, we have denim with pink wefts, green wefts, and brown wefts. All of which offer a different undertone to the indigo.

Rainbow Denim - Coin Pocket & Fly

But the Friendship Denim is different.

Friendship Denim - Close Up

The weft is dyed in thick stripes of alternating rainbow colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. But what’s most striking is how most dyed wefts just tint the indigo, but these colors shine through the face of the fabric with incredible vibrancy.

Friendship Denim - Leather Patch

If you find that too subtle - you can always flip the cuff. 

Friendship Denim - Cuff

 Available Friday February 7th 2020