Get The Authentic Look And Feel Of Vintage Jeans With The New Frontier Selvedge

Get The Authentic Look And Feel Of Vintage Jeans With The New Frontier Selvedge

As the sun beats down and the days get warmer, many denim enthusiasts find themselves in search of a cooler alternative to their heavier jeans. Enter the New Frontier Selvedge: a lightweight denim with vintage charm and modern convenience, designed to keep you comfortable without sacrificing style.

The New Frontier Selvedge is a must-have for any fan of vintage denim, featuring an 8.75oz Japanese selvedge denim that's lightweight and soft. Drawing inspiration from early workwear denim, which were designed to be worn in harsh working conditions under the sun. This means that not only are these jeans durable, but they're also designed to keep you cool in the warmer months.

Woven on vintage shuttle looms in Okayama, Japan, the New Frontier Selvedge's standout detail is its light indigo tone, which boasts a vintage appeal and makes it a great color for summer. The lighter shade also makes fading these jeans down to a light vintage blue look much easier, as there are fewer layers of indigo build-up on the yarn.

One of the standout features of the New Frontier Selvedge is its adherence to tradition. Unlike modern denim, this fabric has not been sanforized preserving it’s natural texture and hairiness.  But it also means it will shrink up to 10% when washed. But to make this easier, the jeans have been rinse washed to pre-shrink them, so you can choose your size without worrying about major shrinkage. That said, minimal shrinkage can still be expected when laundering. The side seams will twist with wash and wear, a characteristic feature of unsanforized denim and a sign of this denim’s old-world production method.

The jeans are finished with contrast stitching, silver metallic buttons and rivets, and a vegan leather patch. The vegan leather patch is made from a heavy-duty cardboard and is a throwback detail found on vintage jeans. It is designed to age beautifully over time, becoming a unique and well-worn part of your jeans.

Depending on the production lot, you may find an all-white selvedge ID or one with a classic red line. Due to slight variations in the dye lots, production lots were separated using the selvedge ID to color-code the fabric. Using the selvedge ID to color-code the fabric was the original use for this detail.

Cut, sewn, and built in Canada, the New Frontier Selvedge offers the perfect combination of vintage-inspired style, modern convenience, and lightweight comfort. Whether you're a fan of vintage denim or simply looking to add some variety to your collection, the New Frontier Selvedge is a great choice. It's a reproduction of a classic style that will never go out of fashion, and it's sure to become a staple in your wardrobe.

Available Friday May 19thm 2023

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